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About Us

  worlanyo AkotiaMichael Akotia, arrived in Ho in March 2001 to plant City of Grace church with a cell group of four people; a couple, an old lady and her son, who were then meeting in somebody’s house. The church now gathers about a hundred people regularly on a Sunday.  From one church in Ho, we have planted and partnering with twenty one churches across Ghana and Benin in West Africa. We have a radio ministry which reaches the whole of the Volta region once a week on Monday mornings from 5 a.m. – 5:30a.m (New Life for the Nations) and is helping tremendously in ‘discipling’ the region with the message of God’s grace,    City of grace church is currently led by Michael Akotia, Geoffery Owusu and Divine Yevugah as elders and a team of wider leaders. The church is part of Christcentral@newfrontiers and receives apostolic oversight from Jeremy Simpkins.

 Our Visison

1.  Be a people in whom God dwells by his Spirit

2.  A grace filled community of God

3. Be the place where children and the elderly will find peace and enjoy God.

4.  To be a church base of three thousand people and to advance God's kingdom by planting grace and spirit filled churches in the Volta region, Ghana, Africa and the world.

 Values we build on

1. We want to see believers baptized in water, in the Holy Spirit, and learning to use their gifts to build up the whole body of the church.

2. We are committed to the Bible as the revealed word of God.  It is the basis for everything that we teach and the guidance for our lives both individually and in our lives together.

3. The church is an extended family that cares for the needs of one another.  Family life, marriage and good parenting are highly valued, protected and nurtured.

4.  Worship is an expression of our devotion to God in which every believer participates, in songs, prayer and in gifts of the Spirit.

5.  We want to see believers enjoying the grace of God, that is, freely receiving His love without condition or obligation, confident that salvation is a gift which can not be earned.

6.  We believe the local elders or pastors or overseers are a team of men anointed by the Holy Spirit and fully responsible for leading the local church.  They are confirmed by apostolic ministry and recognized as the authority under God in the church.  They are or may be helped and supported by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.